With a passion and understanding of both Waste & Business every member of Technical Waste Services (TWS) has a wealth of knowledge to help You and your Business.

We have a Consultancy and Brokering service where you can task us with any Wastes your having difficulty with.... You may have been let down by your end destination or think the costs or rebates are not as good as they should be. We have brokered both in the UK and Internationaly with material running into the 1000's of tonnes per week which are still on going. 

Consultancy, Working in various Industries we have a great understanding of EWC coding, NORM's, Radioactive material, Anaerobic Digestion, Composting, Landfill, Energy From Waste, Decommissioning Works, Transfer Station Set up. Procedure and Envrionmental Management System Set up. We have helped people reclassify wastes to allow greater disposal options. We have worked with the EA to surrender Licences, to move operations to one site. We have set up Transfer Stations, Operators Licsences, Total Waste Management Packages and much more.

Total Waste Management 

Help provide sustainable outlets in line with the waste hirarchey, Provide cost savings on Energy, Finacing, Procurement, Protect your business and the people that work for it. 

TWS helped us secure a new Industrial Service Contract by acting on our behalf to pitch and package our services to the customer. The Knowledge of EWC coding and Nationwide outlets helped us beat some of the big waste players.
— Jordan, Total Environmental Services

What We've Achieved

  • Surrendered Environmental Permit on the agreed terms to the EA.
  • Brokered 1000t per week into new sustainable outlet.
  • Worked with Customer to transfer all activities to one site, giving huge cost savings.
  • Worked with the EA to approve an EWC change to allow new outlet options for customer.
  • Set up Various Total Waste Management Contracts giving overall savings to customer. 
  • Agreed long term Energy Supply to help a Large Waste Company forecast and budget growth.
  • Consulted on Planning permissions and permitting for new Transfer Station.
  • Intergeted new aquistion into larger Waste and Recycling Business.