From Consulting on Transfer Station Set up, International Waste Movements, Hazardous Waste outlets, Project Viability or helping you set up your Environmental Management Systems.  

Here's just a small sampling of the projects we have consulted on and helped achieve over the years.


J&J Stanley, North East England

Working alongside the Environment Agency and Local Authority Technical Waste Services were able to help move all business operations from two separate sites to one. This involved permit issues, CAR form reports, Scrap dealers licensing, Waste Exemptions and planning permissions. The successful outcome saved the business A lot of money buy eliminating one sites costs and transport. But also bringing all staff and equipment to the main site. During our time here we also aided in the acquisition of Newport Paper's North East business into Stanley's operations.


Allos Environmental

Based out of Salt Lake City, UT, TWS has provided in-depth studies of the UK Waste Market including landfill capacity and trends. This was to aid them in the feasibility of UK Waste Asset acquisitions. While also providing Consultancy for future developments at the Salt Lake site.


Total ENVIRONMENTAL Technology

Technical Waste Services provided sales support, research and case study material for Total Environmental Technology to help them with the successful tendering for a new Industrial Services contract win, we attended sites, consulted and helped in the writing of the tender and supporting documents, Identified new outlets for some materials higher up the hierarchy and with a cost saving which ultimately won over known bigger waste players.