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Land remediation is the process of resolving problems caused by the contamination of soil or water. This typically is required in areas of urbanisation but does impact rural locations with man created issues also. Here at Technical Waste Services, we cover a whole host of land remediation services which are listed in more detail below.

Subsurface modelling. Modelling reservoirs or other man made stores using a 3D grid is a common tool for both geologists and reservoir engineers. As models increase in structural and stratigraphic complexity the process of creating these grids has unusable in some instances making it ineffective to both parties. Our solutions rectify this problem with advanced technology which may not be available to you in house.

Treatability Studies. A treatability study is a short term study on a sample of hazardous waste or media contaminated with hazardous waste. This enables the test to understand better the most appropriate method for disposing of the waste in question. For wastewater, the treatability study should also factor in regulations set out by the Department for the Environment and whether you release your waste to a treatment facility or to the environment. For example, a factory that releases waste to the local authority would need to meet guidelines outlined by the authorities to avoid violating rights to release waste. At Technical Waste Services, we can undertake these tests on your behalf to ensure compliance.

Remediation Feasibility Testing. In some circumstances it is useful to conduct a trial before full-scale remediation is undertaken. This allows us to provide further information to you as our client as to expected cost for a full remediation, and the necessary tasks required to complete the work.

Laboratory Testing for Remediation. Our laboratory facilities are available for carrying out various tests, which can then feed the results back to yourself for accurate costing and timescales. Typically this can involve biodegradation laboratory trials on a range of different samples from your site. Although not a quick process, sometimes taking 2-3 months, there is also the option to have and expedited version which can provide useful initial information and bioremediation options to reach the target goal for contaminants. This can also be used to test landfill, which may become polluted with ammonia, fatty acids, metal and other contaminants.

Waste Acceptance Laboratory Testing (WAC TEST). Waste acceptance criteria testing needs to be completed prior to any material movements to identify inert, organic or any hazardous.  This also needs to be undertaken should it require disposal to an inert landfill site. At Technical Waste Services, we can take the guesswork out of what is required to make you and keep you complient.

Consulting and Contracting for Waste Management. Should you prefer, Technical Waste Services can act as a consultant should you wish to undertake the treatment of land yourself. We can provide consultation on the correct diagnosis of a site, offer cost saving opportunities for treatment and safe disposal of your waste, and remain compliant with legislation. To discuss you options, don't hesitate to get in touch to find out more.

Land Remediation Technical Waste Services

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