Technical Waste Services (TWS) have worked on behalf of BP, Petronas and many more in the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry Supply Chain, Consulting on Decommissioning works including Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORMS), Total Waste Management Services, Brokering the Outlets and Consulting on the Processes, writing the Management Systems and Auditing outlets to they are ensure fit for purpose. From West Africa to Scotland (North Sea)with preliminary discussions on NORM waste from Asia, Technical Waste Services is growing in experience and knowledge daily and has the ability to help you with best practice, process and price on your next Decommissioning or Waste offshore project.

Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material


Natural Occurring Radioactive Elements are present in very low concentrations in Earth's crust, and are brought to the surface through human activities such as oil and gas exploration or mining.

Technical Waste Services offer a Consultancy and Brokering service for NORMS which will give you the technical expertise, Worldwide coverage and cradle to grave audit trail. We have outlets which can recycle 99% of the material from decommissioning works. Using a number of processes. We have access to trained Radioactive Safety Officers who can assist you on site with the identification and packaging prior to shipping. We can set up the TFS (trans frontier Shipping) routes and communicate with all relevant authorities on your behalf. We have consulted with Government Departments to ensure understanding and working to local legistation. 

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