Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material

Technical Waste Services have consulted on a number of Decommissioning projects including the handling and treatment of NORMS (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material). Over time scale can build up in the pipes, risers and Christmas trees used to extract Oil and Gas from wells both onshore and offshore. This scale needs to be handled, transported, treated and disposed of in a compliant and accountable way. Technical Waste Services have implemented working procedures, carried out audits, Set up Transfer Stations for the bulking of material prior to shipping. TWS have consulted with African Government Officials to help them understand the the need of environmental management systems and get their blessing for the setting up of TFS routes internationally for NORMS. More information on the projects can be given along with references if required.

There are many Offshore Oil and Gas wells coming to end of economical life. TWS have the experience and technical knowledge to aid in the decommissioning works for Norm pipes, Christmas trees etc. With recent consultancy in Mauritania, Ireland, North Sea. Africa is now in the process of setting up procedures and onshore sites to handle, store, package and ship to approved sites for processing NORMS.

Naturally Normally Occurring Radioactive Material NORMS