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We are partnered with a number of Service Providers to offer Nationwide Coverage, We have access to one of the longest reach suction tankers and can offer all of the below competitively and quickly. These include the following.

Jet Cleaning. Out jet cleaning service allow for you to clean your premises or site, using only the power of water, sprayed at high intensity for one of the most efficient methods of cleaning areas. Technical Waste Services provides a full range of professional cleaning for commercial work. This allows you to focus on the core day to day activities of your business. All of our work is fully insured and is completed in line with the latest legislation requirements.

Tanker Services. When floods hit, they can be devastating. The consequences can cause a range of problems, especially the transfer of silt and other materials to sewers and roadsides. The residue then gathers and makes it impossible for the drains and sewers to work effectively. Our tankers services are an excellent method for relieving these issues. as it enables both the clearing of the waste material, as well as the pumping of clean water to ensure the effective service once again. For a quote, please get in touch with us here at Technical Waste Services.

Hazardous Liquid Logistics. We can provide quotes for the safe transportation and management of a wide range of hazardous liquids. By using Technical Waste Services, we are able to provide options for a wide range of logistic specifications enabling us to assure safety, security and service quality every time. We are also able to respond to urgent issues at very short notice.

Shutdown Services. Whether planned or emergency response, we can provide a range of shutdown services you can count on Technical Waste Services to source a solution to your site issues quickly and affordably. 

Jet Mixing. There are numerous considerations that go into considering the best jet mixing solution based on the application, what is being mixed, as well as other factors including holding time and tank size. Our jet mixing applications can be used in many wastewater treatment applications, as well as a whole range of industrial applications including oil and petrochemical. Should you require further advice on a Jet Mixing service, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Industrial Water. With so many uses for water in industry, it all has to be dealt with in a safe manner and in line with legislation from the Department for the Environment. Raw water entering an industrial plant often needs treatment to meet tight quality specifications to be of use in specific industrial processes. The treatment of industrial water encompasses all these aspects which include boiling or cooling, decontaminating, plus many more methods. To find out more, please contact us here at Technical Waste Services.

Interceptor Cleaning. The problems an overflowing interceptor can cause can be far reaching. Should an interceptor overflow, you may find the clean up from managing what can often be a disastrous situation, costly and time consuming. Factor in the damage to the environment and you have a business threat that no owner needs. Out interceptor cleaning service can ensure that these costly overflows are avoided and minimise your risk to the environment. To find out more, please get in touch. 

We recognise the cost ramifications of scheduled maintenance. However, the positive impacts are an increase in equipment asset reliability, continued production integrity and a reduction in the risk of unscheduled outages or catastrophic failure.

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