LOw Level Hazardous

Although a lower risk, contaminant risks from the likes of Paint Contaminated, Oil Contaminated, Acids, Batteries and much more still pose a threat. We have outlets and logistics to help with anything you need.

Understanding the risks involved with low level contaminates are crucial to ensuring you are complying with the Soil Guideline Values from the Department for Health. Typical health effects for not ensuring the safe contamination levels of your soil can lead to kidney damage, increased likelihood of cancers, plus more minor issues such as eye irritability, increased headaches, and nausea. In wildlife the lower level hazardous material may not directly impact wildlife and larger creatures, but may be ingested by smaller insects and creatures, which in turn are ingested by the larger wildlife. 

From a business perspective, you are responsible for the safe treatment of your land and are liable to prosecution if the required steps as outlined by the Department for Health are not followed. Ensure you are compliant on your site by contacting us here at Technical Waste Services for a quote.

Liquid Hazardous


Hazardous liquid management takes many forms and includes the likes of Tanker Waste, Sewage, Interceptor wastes, Powder coating washing's, We can arrange samples to be tested and pending results provide quotations and outlets for your wastes.

Tanker waste covers a wide variety of harmful and less toxic fluids. These can include waste from sewage, silt, sludge, and can be removed from a wide variety of locations such as

  • Vessels

  • Manholes

  • Soakaways

  • Septic Tanks

  • Cesspits

By providing Technical Waste Services a rundown of the type of waste you need removed, we can give to a no obligation quote to manage the entire process from estimation, scheduling, removal of waste, confirmation of site detoxification and safe disposal of removed waste in accordance with the Department for the Environment regulations.

Should you require a quote, please contact us today.We provide advice, outlets and bio remediation solutions for the following services.

Hazardous Soils

Soil contamination or soil pollution occurs from the contamination of the earth by either man made or naturally occurring causes. Typical types of contamination involved can include petroleum hydrocarbons, polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons, lead or other metal contamination, all of which typically occurring from industrial activity.

The Soil Guideline Values from the Department for Environment give clear outlines as to the acceptable levels of contamination in your areas of concern. Should you wish to have your land treated for such contaminants, or are unsure if your land requires the relevant testing, please get in touch and we will be sure to help.

Asbestos Contamination and Testing

Asbestos presents arguably the toughest challenge to occupational health in the UK at the moment. Used in large scale in the latter half of the 20th century, managing the risks associated with asbestos are a huge challenge, however Technical Waste Services can help.

Poor historic management of the issue in the past has led to asbestos soil contamination on a large scale. Technical Waste Services can evaluate your site and provide a quote for the evaluation of the risks involved, the safe removal of the contaminant from your site, all with minimal disruption to your business. 

By allowing us to evaluate the level of contamination of asbestos within your soil, we can safely diagnose which of the soil must be sent to landfill, and which can be treated on site. This can reduce your landfill costs by up to 60-70% in some cases.