Demolition Services

Here at Technical Waste Services, we pride ourselves on our unparalleled knowledge and expertise in demolishing structures at the end of their working life. We are advancing the demolition world with our specialist techniques. Employing the latest technological approach to demolition projects and utilising only the best possible machines available to bring down buildings, structures and installations in the fastest, safest and most efficient manner, TWS are consistently pushing the boundaries of demolition to continue as world leaders in our fields of expertise.

TWS team enjoys expert knowledge in all aspects of demolition, from budget costings, structural assessments to full site clearance, including:

 •  Multi-storey high rise concrete buildings

•  Concrete and steel chimneys

 •  Chemical plants

•  Petro-chemical plants

 •  Gas holders

•  Power stations

 •  High rise steel structures

•  Factories and process plants

 •  Tanks

•  Ship dismantling and recycling

 •  Oil rig demolitions

•  Demolition incorporating façade retention

Continual investment in our fully owned plant ranging from the latest excavators, mechanical shears, hammers, magnets, grapples and grabs ensures we consistently provide the most up to date technology and allows us to provide the safest most environmentally friendly service.

Our team of experts are able to advise clients on the range of options available to them for the safest, most cost effective means of demolition suitable for their project. Our significant expertise enables use to use explosives or techniques such as controlled collapse and we have extensive experience of working with structures where façade retention is required.

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